Format: 2017-06-28
Format: 2017-06-28

Job Order Contracting Certificate Program Online

The Job Order Contracting Certificate Program (JOCCP) includes 15 sessions that will overview:

  • Different Project Delivery Methods and their applications
  • Basic elements of JOC
  • Requirements of a Successful JOC Program and is it the right method
  • JOC Operations including how to set up a JOC Program
  • Roles and Responsibilities of those involved
  • Individual Job Order to include Preconstruction Services, Scope of Work, Price schedule and change orders
  • How to manage a JOC Program to include training, reporting, communication tools, relationship building techniques and audits
  • Job Order Pricing
  • JOC Selection Process
  • Legal considerations and contracts which are key to a successful JOC Program
  • JOC Operations Manual
  • Collaborative Thinking to ensure win-win-win results
  • Case Studies weaved throughout the 15 weeks take students into real-life experiences

There are no prerequisites to enroll in this program, but basic knowledge about the construction process will be assumed. A certificate of completion will be awarded for successful completion of the course.
Individuals looking to become JOC certified may contact the ACE office to inquire about requirements and to set up testing with a proctor for the JOC exam.

Once you have registered for the course, click on Agenda to view course materials.
Absorb the content at your own pace. They are available to you for 3 years.
After you have completed the course and feel ready to take the final exam please contact Jacki Houchens for details on proctoring, testing and certificate requirements:

Jacki Houchens
(480) 965-9359

Purchase the textbook here:

Instructors include:
Gary Aller, Director, Alliance for Construction Excellence
Charlie Bowers, LEED AP, Centennial Contractors Enterprises, Inc.
Hank Traeger, Retired, Alliance for Construction Excellence
Mark Powell, LEED AP, Kosten Technik International

Certificate requirements:
There are two levels of Certification; JOC Associate and JOC Professional.  If you choose the JOC Associate, the only criteria necessary will be to successfully pass the exam.
If you choose the JOC Professional, the following information will need to provide the following:
JOC Professional:    
·         Three (3) professional references attesting to your job order contracting experience and knowledge. One must be an owner/client reference. Plus;
·         A Baccalaureate degree in an approved field of study (Construction Management, Engineering, Architecture) from an accredited institution. Or:
·         A Baccalaureate degree in a non-approved field of study (business, communications, etc.) AND an additional three (3) years of job order contracting (or similar) experience demonstrated through a functional resume. Or
·         For candidates not holding a degree, six (6) years of job order contracting (or similar) experience demonstrated through a functional resume.

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