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Design-Assist is a process used within a Construction Manager-at-Risk (CMAR), Design-Build (DB), or an Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) program.  It is a collaborative team-oriented project delivery method, that capitalizes on the benefits of early engagement of Design-Assist subcontractors, where the objective is to minimize design and constructability related issues prior to construction, thus maximizing the overall value, speed of construction, and quality of the project.  As such, this is considered to be a value-added proposition for the owner.

In 2007, both design and construction professionals developed a guideline for ACE to address this Design-Assist methodology and its application within a CMAR program.  This early guideline also addressed the subcontractor selection process and provided charts for assessing the needs and deliverables requirements from the design and construction team members during the execution of this program on a project.  As we continue to move forward from 2013 on, ACE improved the guidelines and included this process as a part of the Advance Integrated Practices (AIP) program, in responses to the owner’s needs to improve construction, reduce risk and mange cost due to challenges during construction.  This newly revised eBook is called…..….”An ‘Update’ and Introduction to the Best Methods Approach” for Design-Assist, developed through a collaborative effort of construction professionals within the industry, that will ultimately benefit the owner’s building program. 

The text provides guidelines of processes used by the owner and contractor, and how Design-Assist is applied and utilized within the building phases of the project.  There is a focus on the benefits, challenges, which ultimately leads the reader to evaluate the needs for use and considerations to apply Design-Assist on an owner’s project.   There is also a discussion on contract considerations when used by the owner when developing a contract for use by the CMAR, DB or IPD team.  It also evaluates and examines uses for detailed construction applications and techniques which include:

  • Project Delivery Method Needs Assessment
  • Design-Assist Services & Deliverables
  • Subcontractor Selection
  • Metrics to measure success on a project

This eBook is highly informative and a valuable resource for the owner and construction team member, and which can be used as a technology tool within the AIP program.  Using this tool will have a significant positive net change for use on simple and multi-faceted projects for an owner on their next projects.