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May 7, 2013 - 8:00am - 8:01am

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Advance Integrated Practice: Create a Culture of Deep Collaboration

Available in EPUB format (works with most eReaders) & Kindle-compatible PDF.

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eBook Synopsis:

Over the last half the 19th and nearly all of the 20th centuries, a move to silo design and construction teams increased project risk, lowered owner value, suffered lack of communication, all which was met with adversarial project experiences.  The owner’s true vision was generally not communicated on the project between all team members.

Over the past decade, significant improvements have been made to use processes to address newly proven concepts for the construction industry, by utilizing collaboration, integration and technology.  This eBook written by design and construction professionals highlights the concepts, challenges, processes and solutions to address Advanced Integrate Practices (AIP), which can be used for simple and complex multi-faceted projects.  The eBook brings the reader to understand why change is necessary, and challenges the reader to think about what value AIP brings to the team, as well as the project.

The reader will journey through the book to understand how project teams together with the owner can affect the delivery of the project by using highly successful tools and processes.  It addresses some topics such as:

  • ŸInnovation
  • ŸCollaboration
  • ŸCorporate Culture
  • ŸSustainability
  • ŸA Shift to Manufacturing
  • ŸBusiness Model
  • ŸCreation of  High Performance Team
  • ŸScope, Schedule, Cost, Quality and Safety
  • ŸContracts, BIM&VDC and LEAN

This eBook is a highly informative resource for owners, designers and constructors and can be used in part or in whole, to add value for the owner and to successfully change how professionals use AIP concepts, tools and technology on their next projects.       

The Alliance for Construction Excellence chose to publish this book as an ebook to take advantage of the benefits of the EPUB format.

Readers will be able to:

  • Click on related links, footnotes and references

  • Click on links to related video

  • Keyword search the text

  • Click on images to see expanded views of graphics, charts and tables

  • Add bookmarks

  • Write notes

  • Navigate the text using the table of contents

An internet connection is required to view all materials linked to outside of the ebook.


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